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I was born in Leeds to a spiritual family. My Grandmother was a medium and healer and my grandfather was a medium and minister. My Father was also a healer. Their spiritual life was more difficult than mine as Spiritualism was a taboo subject and no one really talked about it.


My journey started from a very young age, I could sense and see spirit around me particularly at night. This used to frighten me, so I would ask them to leave me alone which I thought they did. Looking back, I realised that they were always with me, guiding me and helping me along the way. I later realised that I also had the gift of healing. Over the years people have been drawn to me and will often tell me their life story even though they don’t know me. By listening to them, holding their hand or giving them a friendly hug, I was providing them with some form of comfort.


As I went into my forties my step mother passed away and my father was getting older and more fragile. This was the push I needed to enhance my spiritual gift as I wanted to continue to be in contact once they passed.  I then found a circle that was running at my local church which I attended for 5-6 years.


During my time at the circle I heard about a course at the Corinthian Church which taught people how to become a healer. This course lasted a year and during this time I became very good friends with the leader and she is still my mentor today. Following the course, I then had to complete a probation year as a healer before becoming a fully qualified healer. I have since carried out an additional course to become a healer trainer so that I can teach my own classes and help others to become a healer too.


After a while I kept receiving messages from other mediums saying that spirit wanted me up on the platform giving messages, but I kept ignoring it as I thought it wasn’t for me. However, one night at a church service in Portsmouth the medium didn’t turn up and I was the only one in the congregation who was a medium. That night I ended up leading the service and this started the next phase in my spiritual journey. I then started training to be a spiritual minister through the Corinthian Church. I have almost completed this training and will be a fully ordained minister.


Three years ago, I started Mel’s Healing Sanctuary, during this time I have been able to support people during difficult times and reconnect with their loved ones. I now feel that I have found my calling and that this is what spirit wants me to do. I am looking forward to the coming years where I can help and support more people.

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 Mobile: 07909 808 657 

Email: spiritualmel@outlook.com

Registered and insured with the
Corinthian Church & healing Asso
Registered Charity 1069061

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